Hi,im a 15 years old girl and im a bit

Patient: Hi,im a 15 years old girl and im a bit fat,actually because im short my weight is bit.im 1.49 cm and my weight is 45kg.i have fat arms and a long fat stomach .when i sit it becomes 3 layers

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor.I have read your query in detail and I understand your concern.I would not recommend you any fat burner supplement for the purpose of weight loss.These all supplements are also metabolized by liver and kidneys so they can harm your liver further.For weight loss, you should keep patience.I would advise you to following for weight loss and cholesterol management:1.Reduce your weight naturally by diet modification and exercises.2.Avoid Fatty food in diet.3.To consume potato, rice, oil, ghee, sweets, carbonated beverages in moderated amount only.4. Avoid alcohol and smoking in case you do.If you are unable to lose weight by these measures, you can discuss with your doctor about a drug called as Orlistat. This drug reduces the absorption of fat and helps in weight loss if used in conjugation with diet plans and exercise.So, in nutshell, I would not recommend you any supplements or fat burners.Share my opinion with your doctor before acting upon it.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy