Hi, im a 17 year old female and every time i have sex after like 10 mins?

Patient: Hi, im a 17 year old female and everytime i have sex after like 10 minutes i get dry and it starts to hurt. Is there something wrong with me? Should i go to the doctors? What should i do?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the queryThe symptoms are due to the dryness induced before sex. Sometimes in first timers and due to stress and inadequate preparation for sex, there is a lack of vaginal lubrication causing lot of friction at sex and post-sex dryness. This ends up causing burning on urination, pain following sex for few days and irritation.Use a lubricant like KY jelly just before penetration and involve in more foreplay before the actual act, it increases lubrication and prevents dryness. Also drink lot of water and reduce stress.Hope this helped.Regards