Hi I’m a 17 year old guy and had unprotected

Patient: Hi. I’m a 17 year old guy and had unprotected anal sex (stupid, I know) with someone older than me, both giving and receiving on April 18th . They said they were on PrEP and that it would be fine. He didn’t ejactulate inside of me, but instead on my stomach. Four days later, I noticed a burning sensation when I urinated and there was pus coming from my urethra. I went to a clinic a few days later, on April 25th, and was treated for gohnorrea and chlamydia. I was also given a rapid HIV test which came back negative. Now, it’s been about a month since the unprotected sex (May 17th) and I’m noticing that I have congestion as well as a slight wheeze, but it goes away when I use my inhaler. I’ve also had a slight fever , 99.4, but it broke. It it possible that I have acute HIV? I’m terrified to go get retested since I’m only 17 and need parental consent to get treatment.

Symptoms: Coughing, sneezing, wheezing, slight fever, congestion

Doctor: Thanks for your question.As you know HIV can be transmitted by having unprotected sex with infected partners and an al sex is a high risk behavior (receptive anal has the highest risk )Thankfully your partner was on PreP, which means he was a negative person when he had started PreP.. Still you got HIV test which came negative. So your chances of getting HIV is low in your scenario.Remember symptoms have no significance if it is not substantiated with a positive HIV report. Pl do another HIV test @3 months of exposure to be absolutely sure of your status and ‘condom’ your every sexual activity.Hope this helps.