Hi I’m a 19 years old turning 20 and I’m

Patient: Hi I’m a 19 years old turning 20 and I’m going to india this summer. I have always felt uncomfortable about my diffrent sized labias. I’m from sweden and it’s way to expensive to do a labia reduction here since the price is around 2500 dollars while in india it’s between 500 to 900 dollars. I know india has some excellent doctors and hospital facillites but im still scared of accidently getting to the black markets since there is much of these things there too. As well im worried about infections in and such there since it’s the climate is very diffrent and many parts of the country isnt very clean. I know have to get a health insurance that covers plastic surgeries. What are the things i should be looking out for if i decide to do this? Whats the procentage risk of loosing the feeling in that area in this kind of operation?Thank you so much for any response to my questions