Hi, im a 22 year old and Im currently taking phentermine for the past month

Patient: Hi, my name is jessy and im a 22 year old girl weigh 268 lbs 5’7″.Im currently taking phentermine for the past month i was weighing 298. At the age of 17 i was diagnosed with pcos and had really bad and uncontrolable bleeding. They tried everything.. birthcontrol, steroids, female hormones and nothing at the age of 19 ending of the year i was bleeding for 4 months straight. Heavy flow, i had to wear 2 over night pads. my obgyn which was the guy who diagnosed my mom with endometriosis decided to do a d&c and place an IUD mirena. Ever since i have probably gotten my period twice. For the past few months have been having very severe pains that make me nauseous. And went back to the obgyn seems like my endometrium was 18mm thickness. I thought i was following into my moms foot steps until i passed my first kidney stone last week. Thats really about the only medical history that i have so far. Parent wise my mother is a 41 year old has had a full hysterectomy, had cancer behind the bladder, was diagnosed with endometriosis, has an a fib in her heart, has type 2 diabetes and also passes 3-5 kidney stone yearly. My father is 46 and has high blood pressure my grandfather and uncle from dad side has died from colon cancer. Now the real question here is something that no one in my famiy has experienced and i dont really want to tell them nor the family Dr. I have suffered from tremors since the age of 14. But my PCP always told me that it could be from stress or depression. I have never been to a neorologist. And honestly the insurance i have right now, i cant aford it unless it is urgent. My tremors have been getting worse in the past year. For instance i have no streangth in my hands, i cant hold a full glass of water with out spilling it, my hand writing changes whenever it wants, when i lay in my bed certain limbs inmy body twitches And lately especially when having intercourse with my partner my body and head starts shaking uncontrolably and for the first time tonight i blacked out and i dont remember what happened after i orgasmed. I remember shaking and looking at my partner but not being able to see them and barely hear them.. they sounded like they were trapped in a bottle. It was blurry. when i finally snapped out of it i was unaware of my surroundings and i felt lost and scarred. Can someone please give me some advice? And if theyve ever heard of something like this? Thank you in advance for your time in reading this. i really do appreciate it.

Doctor: HelloWelcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.Your symptoms are suggestive of Depression and anxiety.I suppose, you should take help of a Psychiatrist.He would evaluate you with all routine investigations like Hemogram, Blood sugar, Thyroid profile, Vitamin D levels and if any abnormality found, would refer you to a Physician.He will evaluate and discuss with you the problems and difficulties you are facing.He will get you a Psychologist’s counseling done.If he feels, you are severely depressed, he will start you on SSRI’s like Escitalopram.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy