Hi im a 27 year old female For about two

Patient: Hi im a 27 year old female. For about two months now I have a pinching burning tight pain in the area between the back of my neck and shoulder area. My job requires me to lift heavy sometimes but At times the simplest motions cause extreme pain. I had been treating it as a muscle strain but no luck. Please help me!!!

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.I have read your history of pinching, burning tight pain in the area between the back of the neck and shoulder area.This is called as a repetitive stress injury. And the treatment is as follows:The first part of the treatment is to remove the causative factor. This is possible by breaking the vicious cycle of the pain > spasm > pain > spasm. Take the painkillers with anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant properties and give rest to the part.The second part is to put the folded elbows in a sling so that the stretch on the muscles is carried away. Helps in further relaxation.I hope this answers your query and gives you the solution. Helps all my patients, will help you too.If required you can take an opinion of an Orthopedic surgeon and get a steroid shot if there is a trigger point.All the best.