Hi, Im afraid that im having a cryptic pregnancy.

Patient: Hi, my name is megan, and im afraid that im having a cryptic pregnancy, but it wouldnt make sense because the date i wouldve conceived (dec. 12, 2014) , my partner withdrew and we used a condom. i would be 24 weeks if pregnant, but only missed 1 period, in january, after conception, but the test came back neg. ive recently gained about 10 lb. and am always having cravings and aversions. im overweight, but not morbidly obese. my belly is a tad harder than usual and my areolas are darkening. i was sick in February, vomiting, i wouldve been 10-12 weeks when that happened. ive had regular but somewhat lighter periods every month since, im just so confused. can you please tell me whats going on!

Symptoms: Weight gain, missed period, nausea, negative pregnancy tests, hard stomach, limb numbness and tingling

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.According to your description the possibility of pregnancy is less as you are having regular periods and negative pregnancy tests.Continously thinking about pregnancy can lead to symptoms that mimic symptoms of pregnancy, which is called as spurious pregnancy.Please consult your doctor and go for ultrasound. This will help in ruling out the possibility of pregnancy. By seeing absence of gestational sac in uterus on screen, you can come out from thoughts of pregnancy.Take care