Hi im just wondering if u can help me

Patient: Hi im just wondering if u can help me with a few things. I have been feeling very weak stressed tired no energy and haven really bad hot flushes the doctor did some bloods and my iron is 5 so they want to do a iron infusion is this safe ?? Also my hormone bloods come back as inconclusive what does that mean ??? And also i have the merina in but have been getting very bad cramp and stuff but no period. Thanks for ur time

Doctor: Hello.Welcome to Ask The Doctor.I understand your concern. If your iron levels are very low, you have two choices, one is to get blood transfusion done and other is to get iron transfusion done. But the most important concern here is the evaluation of the cause of this severe anemia.I would recommend following tests before you get any transfusions:1. Hemogram with ESR to see for WBC and Platelet count.2. Malaria antigen test3. Liver and Kidney function test4. Urine examination.5. Stool for occult blood.The cause needs to be treated so that the anemia doesn’t reoccur again. As far as Iron transfusion is concerned, it is considered as relatively safe but chances of an allergic reaction to iron is there. So, for that purpose, first of all we give a test dose and if person doesn’t get any allergic symptoms, we do the transfusion.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy