Hi,im male,~17 years old last week i smoked a spliff (

Patient: Hi,im male,~17 years old.last week i smoked a spliff ( weed/tobacco joint) with a friend,and a day or two later,i had very bad hayfever symptoms,my nose was runny all the time,and clogged,couldn’t breathe through it,and kept sneezing all the time,that last a whole day and some more.I have smoked marijuana previously and don’t remember having any problems afterwards,and my seasonal allergies have always been limited to just sneezing once in a while and a rash on my hands.I’m worried i might be allergic to marijuana,which wouldn’t be any fun at all.Although im hoping that the tobacco or the weed we used was moldy or something,i remember the tobacco having some green patches in places.My other hypothesis is that the marijuana simply weakened my immune system making my seasonal allergy worse.Right now my one nostril is clogged and i use a couple or three tissues a day,how long do you think this will last and what caused it?

Symptoms: Sneezing,eyes are runny when lying on bed,clogged and runny nose