Hi I’m taking Zoloft( 25 mg ) but I take half because the whole pill is bit strong.

Patient: Hi. I’m taking Zoloft(25mg) but I take half because the whole pill is a bit strong for me & I may have a cold. Which cold medicines are safe to use with it?

Doctor: Hello,Thank you posting your query on “Ask the Doctor”,Tab. Zoloft 25 is a sertraline usually given to treat depres pression.You are taking Tab. Zoloft 25 half but it may not give you desired effect.Having cold with Tab. Zoloft 25 could be one of its undesired effects.You are advised to discuss this issue with your doctor. Your doctor may change drug with another molecule.Taking tablet like cetrizine may relieve some problem of cold but it not for sure.Wish you a good health.