Hi I’m very concerned about having made a girl pregnant

Patient: Hi I’m very concerned about having made a girl pregnant.We had sex on the 18th of April and she says her period started on the 25th of March (early). She typically has her periods regular.During intercourse I used a condom, however halfway through I took it off and we stopped having sex for a while, then I put the same condom back on again (but can’t remember if inside out or not) and we continued intercourse. The condom did not break and at no stage during intercourse did I ejaculate. She did no take the pill as she is apparently on medication that does not allow for it to work. So is she pregnant?Other factors: She has lately been under a great deal of stress as a result of her auntie having cancer, symptoms such as puking and nausea are present as a result of this stress. She is 16 y/o and I am 15 y/o.