Hi, I’m very worried I’ve been experiencing this fluttering in the lower stomach

Patient: Hi, I’m very worried. I’ve been experiencing this fluttering/twitching feeling in my lower stomach which seems to be my ovaries from the pictures I’ve looked at. I got this feeling the day after having unprotected sex, without being on pill, but he didn’t ejaculate inside me. 6 days later and I still have that feeling and now there’s also white discharge. Could I be pregnant? Please help ease my mind

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,It is important to consider the timing of sex first. If it has been before ovulation then the chances of pregnancy are minimal since you were in your safe period. If you had it during the fertile period day 11-day 22 then in the absence of birth control, pregnancy chances are high. The increased mucous vaginal discharge can be either ovulational or possible due to implantation. However it is suggested that a blood serum beta hCG test may be done to confirm or rule out pregnancy after 7 days of intercourse.Regards