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Hi, Is pregnancy possible without vaginal penetration? M

Patient: Hi,Is pregnancy possible without vaginal penetration? My girlfriend gave me a handjob and I ejaculated on her stomach. While cleaning ourselves up a tiny amount of semen may have landed on her vulva. She washed it away immediately.Is pregnancy possible?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,As there was no vaginal penetration but a hand job before ejac ulation so there are no chances of pregnancy due to pre cum ejaculate.Also considering the fact that there was some semen over vulva during cleaning and that also decreases the chances of pregnancy further because sperms get morphologically denatured and inactive once they come in contact with alkaline detergents.So overall there are no chances of pregnancy, you may rest assured.Regards



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Patient: Thank you for your response.
Her period is due sometime this week and she is experiencing a little vaginal spotting. She has experienced this spotting before so it is not totally new. Do you think this is just normal period spotting or could it be implantation bleeding?

Doctor: This could be stress induced hormonal imbalance which can easily cause an early start to menses. However if you want to be sure then the earliest you can opt for is after 7 days of intercourse to get a serum beta hcg test done where if hcg levels are less than 5ng/dl then she is conclusively not pregnant and the present bleed is not an implantation bleed but possibly menses starting.

Patient: Okay, thank you.
But in your opinion, the chances of pregnancy are extremely low and the bleeding is probably due to stress?

Doctor: Yes the chances of her getting pregnant are minimal.

Patient: Okay, thank you so much

Doctor: You are most welcome.:)


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