Hi it has now been 2 months ago since i

Patient: Hi it has now been 2 months ago since i had drunk sex with a girl, a condom was used most of the time what i recall and the penis didn’t even go deeper then the head because of trouble in getting it up. When i walked i got an scorch in my foreskin (might have taking a shower with a new soap before, don’t remember) so i pinched it really hard a couple of times .The morning after i saw a grouping of maybe 5 slightly elevated red spots on the foreskin, i stopped touching it instanly and i don’t recall it itching. I looked at it oftenly and it didn’t become blisters,instead they got tiny black spots at the head of them like the tip of a needle, it healed within a few days, i scratched away the black ”head” and it left a tiny scar on the foreskin. I haven’t hade any more problems after. I’ve had herpes on my lips and it didn’t at all look like that, what can it be??

Symptoms: Nothing now