Hi, I’ve been feeling like crap lately, actually for a

Patient: Hi, I’ve been feeling like crap lately, actually for a year and a half, but it seemed to go away, and now it’s just getting worse and worse and i don’t know how long i can hold it in for…i always feel so sad, sometimes it goes away but then when it comes back it feels 20 times worse. I have a boyfriend and he worries about me a lot and i don’t want him to, i feel like i stress him out when i get sad but i can’t help it, i can’t keep it behind a smile sometimes. my stomach always hurts and i get head aches from time to time, but honestly head pain was the worst a year ago, january to march in 2013, ill never forget it, and now its my stomach everybody tells me to eat, but I’m not hungry, and when i get hungry, i look at food and i don’t want it anymore. sometimes i feel worthless, i can’t concentrate i can’t speak, that’s the worst. when my boyfriend tries to get answers from me, something so he knows whats wrong with me, but i can’t speak, like my mouth is sown together. i hate it. its getting in the way of my school as well, i find my self afraid to go to the bathroom, because i don’t want to walk in the front where people can see me, i hate presenting projects, that the worst, i feel like i will start crying any minute. I’m not sure what’s going on, please help me.

Symptoms: Suicidal thoughts, sadness, anxiety, stomach ache