Hi, I’ve Man Boobs Or I Don’t Excatly Know That

Patient: Hi, I’ve Man Boobs Or I Don’t Excatly Know That Is It Gynocomestia Or The Fat. I Do A Lot Of Workout, Run Chest Press, Push-ups, & Cardio, Still It Don’t Effect. So Please Please Help Me I don’t Want To Go On Surgery Or Take Any Kinds Of Pills, I Want It To Get Rid Naturally, Please Help Me I’ll Be Very Happy, Please Thnak You

Symptoms: Men’s Breast

Doctor: Hi.Read and understood your concerns.Dear friend, you will have to get this first confirmed whether your problem is just a collection of extra fat may be due to familial thing or this is an actual Gynecomastia.If this is Gynecomastia, the only solution is a good surgery.If this is fat, you are already trying in the best directions and continue it, otherwise just a liposuction can help you a lot.Consult a General Surgeon or a Plastic surgeon to get a confirmed diagnosis and the treatment.Hope this helps you.