Hi, Let me start of by saying that I have

Patient: Hi,Let me start of by saying that I have irregular periods (comes from my mom’s side of the family) I can go months without a period or even with… Now, its has been about 3 months since I had my period ( which was A week before march 5, 2015 )Me and my boyfriend has had unprotected sex since then… about 3 days ago I had light pink bleeding I assume it is implantation bleeding?? the thing is I checked like literally 15 minutes ago and its heavier… so now its red with brown discharge. I’m not sure if i’m pregnant or if this is another irregular period.My symptoms:1. I have light cramps (super tolerable but i can feel it, my cramps are usually not tolerable at all)2. a little nausea3. sleepier than usual4. MOOD SWINGS ( lately i have been getting mad, irritated, sad easily)5. a little dizzy here and thereOther than that I feel pretty great? I’m still going to take a pregnancy test this weekend … I’m just feeling anxoius and need a peace of mind until then… any advice? Help at all??Thanks in advance!!!