Hi, m 27 yr old female around 2 yrs bk

Patient: Hi, m 27 yr old female. around 2 yrs bk i had a vaginal yeast infection. i didnt take any medicine to treat it n it got ok after my periods. bt few months later i started experiencing urine problem. i was unable to pass out urine completely. i always felt as if a very little amount of urine was left inside. i didnt take it seriously as someone told me it was normal n wud b ok by itself. bt d prob didnt go away. finally i visited a urologist n after a urine test he prescribed me an anti biotic for bacteria infection. i dont knw y he prescribed it because my urine test clearly states dat dere r yeast cells present in my urine and no sign of bacteria. apart from the yeast cells everything else is absolutely normal in my urine test. even d urologist said so. anyways d medicines he prescribed gave no relief even though i took them continuously for a month. bt after dat i stopped taking dem. a week ago i did sum google reasearch n found out dat it was nt normal to hav yeast cells in urine. n dere is dis medicine called fluconazole which is usually taken to treat yeast infections. i bought dis over d counter med called zocon 150. i took a single tablet for two days. amazingly i got instant relief. i was able to pass out urine completely n i didnt feel any kind of discomfort as i used to feel earlier for months. bt after few days i felt i was again nt able to pass out urine completely. bt dis time it was nt as bad as before. i again started taking single dose of fluconazole for another week bt it didnt help further. bt yes my condition has improved slightly better. bt i dont knw whether i shud continue with fluconazole or nt? should i contiue taking it daily? or is it harmful? please help. i desperately need relief.

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI understand your concern.Yes, candidiasis can cause UTI too t hough it is not very common.Since your urine test showed yeast cells, the diagnosis of vaginal candidiasis is confirmed. You can take Fluconazole 1 dose on day 1, followed by 1 more dose on day 3. The treatment to be repeated next week again.That will ensure complete recovery and you won’t need more Fluconazole tablets. Please maintain your local hygiene, as candidiasis develops in people with poor local hygiene.Hope this was helpful.Regards.