Hi me and my children have been dealing with trying

Patient: Hi me and my children have been dealing with trying to get rid of scabies for a while we have used the prescription cream to get rid of them but Im not sure if it worked or not..my daughter has this crust yellowish bumps in her head that she’s constantly scratching and i can tell it bothers her when I try to fix her hair. I’m not sure if it’s the scabies that’s in her head or cradle cap Ive treated like it was cradle cap but it has gotten worse and hasn’t healed.. She also has intense scratching on her legs.. We also have some triamcinolone acetonide ointment cream that we have been using nightly that kind of helps with the itching. I still get the painful puss filled bumps every where .however Im just not sure what’s going on…

Doctor: Hello thanks for your health query on ATD.Scabies never involves the scalp except in infants. It seems that you & yo ur children are suffering from head louse as well as Scabies. To eradicate the disease from house all the members in family should be treated simultaneously. There are oral as well as topical medicines are available. But these should be taken under supervision of a dermatologist. Also there is need to laundry all clothes & beddings as well as professional cleaning of house.Good wishes.