Hi my baby is 4 months old on ferose syrup

Patient: Hi my baby is 4 months old..when went for 4 th month checkup dr adviced to check heomoglobin and when checked it is 9.9.. Dr prescribed ferose syrup 1.5 ml twice.bt now she is suffering from severe constipation..can i stop syrup is this too low..is this necessary to tak for my baby?

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Since your baby is 4 months old, it is still not possible to feed her foods containing i ron. Another issue is that in young babies, the blood is being broken down and this will contribute to anemia. Thus, you should not be too worried.You can talk to the Doctor to change the type of medication that will not be as prone to constipation. This can be done by changing the brand or the form of medication. You can start giving the baby weaning foods at 6 months, and you may want to start with some iron rich foods.Wishing the best for your baby.