Hi, my boyfriend and I have unprotected sex in which

Patient: Hi, my boyfriend and I have unprotected sex in which he didn’t cum inside of me. But he wants me to take a morning after pill. It was Tuesday when we had the unprotected sex. I been feeling nauseous and fatigue since the last time before Tuesday we had unprotected sex. I took a pregnancy test. although I had a period about 3 weeks ago, I’m probably not due for another for 2 more weeks. The test was negative, But I’m still hesitant about taking the pill because It would be my 3rd time taking it in 3 months. Should I take the pill?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If your boyfriend is asking you to take the pill, it may indicate that he is not sure whe ther he has ejaculated inside or not. Even with a slight ejaculation, chances of pregnancy is high in unprotected sex. Since the time of sex also is corresponding to the ovulation time, it is recommended that you take the pill.The symptoms of nausea and other discomfort could be a side effect of the pill itself that you took last time, as the pregnancy test has been negative. Take the pill to be on the safer side this time. Consuming emergency pills so regularly is not recommended. They can cause irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, missed periods, clots, anemia and even affect ovulation, in the long run. if you are regular at sex, it is recommended that you both need to use alternate measures of contraception like condoms, birth control pills which are taken daily, having no side effects as compared to emergency pills.Hope this was helpful.Regards