Hi, My daughter is 3 years old and has a rash

Patient: Hi,My daughter is 3 years old and recently we were in India. She was playing around at a relative’s place. After playing, I noticed she had developed a ‘mosquito bite like’ bump on her cheek and forearm. So i was thinking those were mosquito bites. Suddenly she started scratching all over her body. In just little time almost her body was covered with ‘red rashes’. I washed her body with warm water and applied baby lotion. Still she was scratching on and off. The red rashes improved and some disappeared from her body few hours later. But my daughter felt very itchy and started scratching vigorously again and the red rashes appeared almost all over her body again. I consulted a doctor in India and he said she might have eaten something new or some insect might have bitten her, and she has developed some allergic reaction to it. He had prescribed a medicine called cetrizine and gave calamine lotion to apply. I gave her the medicine for 4 days and my daughter stopped scratching and she was fine. I’m just confused what could have bitten her to the extend of getting full body rash. The only new thing she ate a little fried fish in a restaurant. She’s now fine but I’m worried what actually happened and will it cause any other problems in future.Thank you for answering.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.Children are susceptible to all sorts of rashes. Even a viral infection can cause rash. But, it is important to know the cause of the rash or the allergy in your daughter’s case.You should get her to see a Doctor who will do a Skin prick test to the antigens she might be allergic to. If the test is positive, then she should avoid eating or contacting those agents.Be very strict about this as a subsequent attack can be very dangerous.Hope this helps.