Hi My friend is currently dealing with prostatitis The symptoms

Patient: Hi. My friend is currently dealing with prostatitis. The symptoms include burning down below, frequent urination, pain while urinating, pain with any type of sexual activity, lack of sleep due to constantly waking up having to urinate. He has seen countless doctors, urologists, specialists, physical therapists, pelvic floor therapists, tried countless doctors- and nothing has relieved his problem or pain at all. I was wondering if there was anything else you could suggest doing?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,The best way to improve on the symptoms would be to start on a d rug called TADALAFIL ( phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor) 5mg twice a day for a month. This is known to relax the bladder and prostatic sphincter and should be used in supplement to antibiotics like CEFEXIME 200mg twice a day for 10 days for treatment of prostatitis.I think you should discuss the option with your urologist and take an informed decision.Regards

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Patient: If he has tried all treatment drugs is there anything else you can suggest?

Doctor: Unfortunately, there is no natural treatment for prostrate. If medical treatment fails then the next best option remains surgery and prostatectomy after 14 days course of antibiotics.