Hi my girlfriend and i had sex about 2 weeks

Patient: Hi my girlfriend and i had sex about 2 weeks back but not properly because were scared of getting pregnant and i know i did not ejaculate inside but the day after we bought the morning after because even thou i didnt we were scared for pre-cum last week a week and a half before her menstreal cycle she started and its been almost 6 days now and its just a little at a time but her body aches and breast are some what tender are we safe more important is she safe. Thank you

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted the history of sex without ejaculation yet, morning after pill taken.The bleedi ng after is called a withdrawal bleeding and the body ache and breast tenderness comes due to changed hormonal levels as the morning after pill contains higher levels of hormones that work to cause the symptoms.Do not worry, this will pass off.Use condom next time.