Hi, my girlfriend and I had unprotected anal sex last night.

Patient: Hi, my girlfriend and I had unprotected anal sex last night. We are both 100% without any stds as we have only ever done sexual things with each other, and neither of us are carriers of anything bad. Afterwords, I used an anti-bacterial wipe to make sure I got everything off as I know there is bacteria in there that isnt supposed to me on my penis. I washed everything very thoroughly to make sure everything was clean. Because I took all these precautions, I am not at risk of anything, correct?Thank you in advance.

Doctor: Thanks for your question on ATD. Let us go about the basics of HIV transmission.Unprotected sex with an infected par tner whether oral, vaginal or anal are risky activities as far as HIV transmission and unprotected anal sex is the riskiest compared to vaginal/oral sex.A broken/eroded skin/mucosal surface is required to gain the entry of HIV. The infected body fluids (blood/semen/cum/vaginal fluid/human milk) have to be present in a nearby (source) in sufficient quantity and these body fluids need to remain in prolonged contact (sex/needles )at the eroded surface to cause an HIV infection.HIV/AIDS can’t be judged and diagnosed merely on symptoms and they need to be substantiated by a test for HIV. HIV can present, even without symptoms to start with and hence the infected person might not be aware about his positive status.Considering all these facts about HIV transmission, it is not advisable to indulge in anal sex without protection, howsoever you might be taking all precautions or cleaning with medications.You are required to condom’ your every sexual activity.Hope it is useful.