Hi My girlfriend and I have been having sex and STD free and using Trojan bare skin condoms. Recently feeling burning sensation.

Patient: Hi my girlfriend and I have been having sex for about 3 months. We have only had sex with each other and are STD free. Weve been using Trojan bare skin condoms the whole 3 months with no problems until recently when I started getting burning feeling on my penis when I rubbed on her and after I finished it felt like it was on fire. Is it the condom or something else?

Doctor: Hello,thanks for the query.It could be a possibility of developing a late reaction to the condom, that is a contact dermatitis, which is quite common in people using condoms. The other causes could be urinary tract infection, urethritis or even an inflammation of the penis.Avoid the condom, and switch to another brand, especially the one which is having mild chemicals and dermatologically tested. Apart from this, drink lots of water a day up to 3 litres, maintain hygiene and also use cotton undergarments. Hope there is enough lubrication at intercourse.If not, kindly use a lubricant during sex as friction due to dryness can also cause such burning.Hope this helped.Regards,