Hi My GP has diagnosed me with potential prostatitis, but I

Patient: HiMy GP has diagnosed me with potential prostatitis, but I am unsure of the diagnosis. 4 days ago I began feeling a nagging tension like ache in and around my anus, which didn’t abate. The pain has got progressively worse to this point, where I am barely able to sit down. There is no blood in my stool although I feel as though I have difficulty passing even a fairly soft stool as the muscles within my anus/rectum don’t seem to want to work properly. There is a feeling like someone large is stuck up my rectum.I also have some numbness in the base of my penis and some dribbling after urinating, although no pain and not much difficulty going. I have had a temperature for the last 24 hours. When I need to pass a stool there is a sort of “build up” that requires a bit of pressure to get out and once the build up comes out, more follows. I have also been sweating profusely, soaking through clothes at night particularly. GP says no signs of swelling. Pain not affected at all by the prescribed cream they gave me (the one that gives you headaches) or codein. Any idea what else it could be? Help!

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to aksthedoctor.comThe symptoms of pain in the anal area and dribbling after urination w ith fever and night sweat indicate an element of infection either in the prostate or the bladder. The tenses or pain in the anal region can be either because of prostatitis or proctitis accompanied with urinary tract infection.This can be evaluated with the help of a urine culture of the midstream sample and urethral swab after a prostatic massage. The treatment is basically an antibiotic treatment for a week depending on the organism isolated in the culture. Anal sphincter spasm can be relieved with NSAID injection and the tenses can be relieved. It is necessary for you to be placed on antibiotics at present and increase your water intake to allow softer stools. Also, no form of sexual activity should be practiced till complete treatment is undertaken.I hope i have answered your query in detail here,wishing you good health,regards