Hi my penis size is 4.5 inch is this worrying? My

Patient: Hi my penis size is 4.5 inch is this worrying?My physical measurenent.I am Unmarued.Age-30, Height-5.9 inch, weight-80 kg.I think Relative to my body size my penis is too short.Suggest me what to do.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your question.First of all remember, that there is no relation of your height and weight to the si ze of the penis, This is all baseless.Secondly, the range of the normal size of the penis can be from 3.5 to 5.5 inches in fully erectile position and any size is sufficient for sexual satisfaction of both the partners.You have 4.5 inches is absolutely normal and please stop worrying about it. It is the way you do foreplay, actual sex and post-play that matters in sexual satisfaction, never to do anything with the size of the penis.What to do:Just stop worrying for something which is normal for you.