Hi ! My question is why do my ovaries

Patient: Hi !My question is why do my ovaries hurt? Even after iv’e already had my menstrual cycle 2 weeks ago. I do have PCOS.

Doctor: Hello.Thanks for the query to ATD.The very classical history of ovulation pain 2 weeks after the onset of menses g enerally indicates ovulation pain which is also known as Mittelschmertz and is usually accompanied with mild spotting which may last for 2 to 3 days.In anycase an ultrasound pelvis is indicated to rule out any ovarian cyst formation which is also quite likely in a case of PCOS. Also you may use NSAIDs to control the pain,if the pain subsides its likely ovulational else possibility of cysts are high.You may visit your physician for an ultrasound and evaluation.I hope i have answered your query.Regards