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Hi my wife and i are ttc our first child

Patient: Hi my wife and i are ttc our first child. I just had a sperm analysis done and morphology ect was fine but concentration was 3 ×10^6. My doc said it was low but we shouldnt experience any problems as everything else was good. After looking online at sperm concentration we have become very worried about my concentration. Is this extremely low and should we be stressing out over it….please help. Thanks



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,The concentration of 15 million -65 million is considered adequ ate for conception as in lower counts sperms can always be concentrated after sperm wash and with intrauterine insemination can be placed directly into the uterus during fertile period for conception. Also the motility is again a major factor which decides the conception chances.There are medicines like CARNITINE TABS available which can be taken 500 mg thrice a day for 3 months to increase the counts and its effective. Presently i agree that the counts are low but it doesn’t make you infertile in any manner. You may discuss the option of carnation use with your physician and continue with natural methods for conception. By god’s will, you both may be rewarded.I hope i have answered your query,Please don’t be stressed as stress itself is responsible for decreased sperm production,Wishing you good health,Regards



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Patient: Thanks. So 3×10^6 doesnt mean a sperm count of 3milllion per ml ? Sorry we are just really keen to cover all bases. So i am not severely low? Thanks for your relpies. Is there still a good chance of natutal conception. We have been trying for 4 months

Doctor: hello,
You should be starting on carnation tablets and should opt for IUI technique which shall give you better results. The chance of natural conception is fairly low at present but treatment is required with medication.
If you have already been trying for 4 months now then its better that you opt for an IUI .


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