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Hi my wife is having a abortion now she is

Patient: Hi my wife is having a abortion now she is 9 weeks or so pregnant and she took pills for this. What can I do? I can’t take her to the hospital because it is illegal in my country. Please help me



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query at ATD about her health care.I read your query and understand your concerns.Abort ion pills can only be taken under the supervision of a doctor or an expert because it may cause severe bleeding, infection and incomplete abortion.Abortion pills can be taken up to 49 days of pregnancy.An ultrasound pelvic scan is done before taking pills to confirm exact weeks and site of pregnancy ( ectopic pregnancy).In her case, she is 9 weeks pregnant and she took abortion pills, so the chances of bleeding and incomplete abortion are more in her case.If it happens then you should consult a Gynecologist and as you said it is illegal there then in my opinion go to other place where it is not illegal and consult a Gynecologist and if it is incomplete or so she should go for D&C( a surgical evacuation of uterus).Hope I have answered all your queries and feel free to discuss further information.Good luck.Regards



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Patient: No doctor . This didn’t help me at all. What can I do to help with completion of the abortion. What can I get from the pharmacy? I can’t go to the hospital. I’m in Kuwait nothing is near that is legal. Please advice me asap this is happening now

Patient: What happens if the abortion is incomplete like what will happen to her? Will she die?

Patient: Please help I’m waiting and depending on your answer

Doctor: Hello Sir,
Please give me details about her medication.
Means how many tablets ( mifepristone and mesoprostol) she had and at what time.
If abortion is incomplete than she may continue her pregnancy, she may bleed continuously or it may lead to infection.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Patient: Hi doctor, she took misotac 10 pills 6 hours ago. She has been bleeding , vomiting and back pain and her breath is normal. I tried giving tylenol and anti nausea.
How long will the bleeding last if complete ?
How long will the blessing long if incomplete?
How will I know If it’s incomplete or complete?
She has 3 abortions before and this will be the 4th, what are her chances of getting pregnant again?
What will I do if God forbid she got an infection?

Doctor: Hi,
Usually we gave mifepristone along with mesoprostol to abort 9 weeks of pregnancy.
As she had only mesoprostol than the chances of incomplete abortion are there.
If she had incomplete abortion usually bleeding will continue.
Bleeding starts 4-6 hrs.after taking mesoprostol and more bleeding for 2-3 than mild bleeding continue for 8-10 days.
If incomplete abortion occur than she must consult a Gynecologist and evacuation done through surgical method and proper examination is also important.
Try to understand incomplete abortion can only be confirmed by a doctor after examination or through ultrasound so if she goes in incomplete abortion than you must consult a Gynecologist.
In case of infection she should take oral antibiotics.
Hope found useful.


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