Hi Need help Got pcos Had a peroid about 6/7 weeks

Patient: Hi. Need help.Got pcos. Had a peroid about 6/7 weeks ago. (Always every 6/8 weeks) Friday just got started getting a peroid but very light and brown in colour. No blood clots and not enough to wear pad/tampon etc. next day the same. Sunday a little bit heavier but still not much. Now on 4th day and it’s stopped again. Been getting heartburn on/off to last few days and sick coming up in my mouth randomly. Also little cramps but not painful like peroid pains. What could it be?

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Poly cystic ovary syndrome presents with symptoms like irre gular menstrual cycles, anovulation, insulin resistance, excess growth of hair on face etc due to gonadal hormonal imbalance, excess androgen levels.Your irregular periods and scanty flow could be due to PCOS.By correcting the PCOS your symptoms may improve. By decreasing the weight and taking treatment with insulin sensitizers, hormonal pills etc, severity of PCOS can be decreased to some extent.If you are having doubt regarding pregnancy, please go for urine pregnancy test once to rule out the possibility.Take care.