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Hi, over the past two months I have been experiencing right side abdominal discomfort.

Patient: Hi, over the past two months I have been experiencing right side abdominal discomfort. It started out with a sharp pain in my back, along the upper right handside of the spine. That pain eased but the abdominal pain intesified. The pain only comes when I’m lay down at night, I might feel the odd pain during the day but I’m mostly uncountable in bed, I’ve been sleeping on my left side to get some sleep. The pain in below the right rib cage and above the belly button. I would describe the pain as a pulling feeling, a swelling or bloating sensation.



Doctor: Hello, & Welcome to ATDYour pain is in a region where pain is mostly due to renal pathology i.e. kidney disease.Re nal stonePolycystic kidney diseasePelviuretric obstruction.Do you have a history of renal stones?Any history of renal diseases in paternal or maternal family?History of repeated or current urinary infection?Episodes of burning sensation while urinating?You are required to undergo an abdominal examination to determine of there is an abdominal mass or not & confirm its origin in case of abdominal lump.It’s good to have a second opinion and consult but the clinical examination especially in your case, is irreplaceable.Feel free to discuss further.Regards



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Patient: Hi doc.
I don’t have any history of renal stones or kidney problems. This has come on in the past 2 months and intensified when I lie down at night. I find myself peeing a little more, having a metallic taste in my mouth but other than that I don’t feel unwell and I’m able to go about my day with no problem until it comes to lying down at night, this is when my stomach feels extremely bloated on one side and I have to lie on my left side to stop the pain.

Doctor: Hello, & Welcome to ATD
Your condition is presenting with vague symptoms, usually abdominal pain of such duration fall into certain classical pattern or point towards the pathology whereas in your case since you rule out the chances of renal stones from history; I would like to have clues from clinical & radiological examination before making any diagnosis.
I would still keep the three diagnosis mentioned above as my provisional diagnosis unless ruled out by the examination.
My recommendation is to visit a general surgeon to conduct clinical examination to help with diagnosis.
You ate most welcome at ATD for further discussion or second opinion.


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