Hi! Since about Sept, there has been something going on

Patient: Hi! Since about Sept, there has been something going on with my friend’s skin. There is an enormous amount of pain he feels with a pins-and-needles sensation all over his body. Small bumps will raise. Serious pain..not just the “my foot fell asleep” type of uncomfortable feeling. He feels his skin is burning from within. He turns red all over, granted, he has a medium to light completion, but the faint tree is noticeably different; more blotchy sometimes. The burning sensation is not something that feels similar to a sunburn, and the pins and needles feeling isn’t a numbing type of feeling, its like a deep pricking rather. Benadryl offers a small amount of relief sometimes, but not always, & it certainly doesn’t take it all away. He literally works out hard to break a sweat (“push it out” as he says), feeling like that’s the only way to find relief. But again, the relief doesn’t entirely dissipate. Working out is the best option, however. Also, it takes a lot for him to break a sweat, where others would be dripping. No STD’s, no family history

Symptoms: Red, burning skin, all over. Sharp pins and needles sensations.
Allergy test was done; came back negative. No known allergies and no family medical history.
Never been out of the states. No drug or alcohol use, including cigarettes.