Hi sir I got food poisoning from last Monday along

Patient: Hi sir. I got food poisoning from last Monday along with body ache throat ache. Now for last 2/3 days though I recovered from the heavy loose motions but still am suffering from high fever with a bad throat ache along with tiredness and muscle cramps. Please help.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It looks like you have had a viral fever that has caused loose stools, sore throat and fever.It is common to have body aches and pain in the extremities and generalised weakness after a viral prodrome.Hope you have consulted a physician and done a blood and urine, stool test to rule out an associated bacterial cause.Some bacterial infections and certain viral infection can lead to long standing complications to the joints and the throat and cause repeated illness. GB syndrome, staphylococcal and streptococcal infections to be ruled out. Drink plenty of water, tepid sponging for fever and paracetamol tablets 8 th hourly until you see the doctor, with ranitidine tablet twice a day before food may help you. Keep your diet bland, avoid alcohol and smoking until complete recovery.Hope this helped.Regards