Hi, so I had my last period on April 7th

Patient: Hi, so I had my last period on April 7th it ended on the 14th. My boyfriend and I have had intercourse almost every day since. Early this week I had some cramping followed by light pink spotting that lasted 2 days. My periods are usually pretty regular, and I’m not supposed to start my next one for about a week. I’ve never had spotting in between periods before so I was wondering what this means? Is there a chance I could be pregnant ?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Light spotting, pink in color a week before the expected period, in a sexually active w oman, could mean an implantation bleeding. The bleeding indicates a pregnancy.Kindly do a pregnancy test, preferably beta hCG blood test to confirm the same after 14 days of your last sexual intercourse.In case the test is positive, consult a gynecologist for further care. If negative, wait for a week and repeat the test again.Hope this helped.Regards