Hi, so i took a pharmacie pregnacy test

Patient: Hi, so i took a pharmacie pregnacy test and it came out possitive, i got a dollar store one it came out negitive , i have the symptoms such as vomitting , fatige, spotting , and my breast hurt , i went online on another doctor page and it said my Hcg/Hpt level maybe to low to be detected i have the symptoms and i believe im pregnant whats your opinion?

Hi, so i took a pharmacie p...-1

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Usually, urine pregnancy test kit can give an accurate resul t after one week of expected date of periods.Before that some urine pregnancy test kits may not detect the possibility of pregnancy, because of the low beta hCG levels as you mentioned.Though you are having few symptoms of pregnancy, we cannot come to a conclusion regarding pregnancy just by symptoms as spotting, breast tenderness etc symptoms can be seen in premenstrual phase also.So, better to wait for one more week.If you do not get periods even after one week, repeat urine pregnancy test.Another option is to go for the blood test for pregnancy now, which can be more accurate result compared with urine pregnancy test.Take care