Hi! So I was running today, and I tripped on

Patient: Hi! So I was running today, and I tripped on the sidewalk, and took a bad fall. When inwent down, my right leg was extended forward, and I essentially went into a forward split (something which does not naturally occur with me). Upon immediately falling, the pain in my right hamstring and right glut muscle was instantaneous and very severe. I couldn’t move my leg, bend it, etc. I was afraid I couldn’t walk, and as Ientioned above, the pain was immense. However, I was able to get up a few minutes later, and slowly start walking. Now, about 5 hours later, I can stand and was gingerly, but when I bend over or way too fast or for too long the pain in my leg get uncomfortable and severe. As of now, there is no bruising. Will I bruise? What do you think I did to my leg?

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.I think that you have a muscle strain or you have pulled a ligament. Here is what you ca n do: RICErest the leg, avoid moving it and don’t walk with weight bearingIce the leg for 15 minutes at a time every hourCompress the leg if possible with a crepe bandageElevate the leg using a 2 pillows under the legsHope this helps you. All the best.