Hi, so me & this guy kinda had sex the

Patient: Hi, so me & this guy kinda had sex the other night, but I don’t know if he used a condom he said he did. But idk. & I can’t tell if he came inside me, but I didnt orgasm. But we only had sex for like 4-5 minutes on & off. I’m scared I might be pregnant. I’m only 15

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There are all possibilities of getting pregnant with an intercourse lasting for 4 minut es even if it is on and off. The chances are less if the person has used a condom, however, remember even if he did, the failure rates are 15 to 20 %.In order to be safe and prevent the complications, kindly consult a gynecologist immediately. Since you are still young, you may seek help from your mother, who would best understand your situation. Kindly do a pregnancy test in case you miss your next cycle. You can also ask the doctor about plan B and can take it immediately after consulting the doctor to prevent a pregnancy.Hope this helped.Regards