Hi there doctor I’ve been feeling bad the past 5

Patient: Hi there doctor I’ve been feeling bad the past 5 days with a fever 103┬░F at highest and constantly tired all day. I went to the doctor to see whats wrong. Another doctor said I might have a virus. I’ve been like this since last fryday with a soar throat on one side. She swabbed me for strep but it was negative. I’ve noticed today an enlarged vain or possible tunnel under my skin, everytime I swallowed it hurts and even without swallowing there has been lingering pain. I hope its not some parasite.. Any ideas what I might have? Should I seek medical attention imediatly?

Symptoms: Fever, soar throat, weakness

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.An enlarged lymph node or an inflammed tonsil can cause the symptoms that you have. It is recommended that you consult a physician and get an examination done to rule out the above causes. Drink plenty of water and have a bland diet. Avoid talking a lot and rest yourself until you feel better. A course of anti inflammatory medications and warm saline gargles can do the help.Hope this was helpful.Regards