Hi there i am having a problem in the past

Patient: Hi there i am having a problem in the past i had a anul fisssure tear i am not sure if comes back i dont feel any pain anymore just recently i notice some blood when i wipe just the other day i kind forced my self but not as much when i did the first time and no pain at all but i notice blood i am really freaking out.

Symptoms: Tension

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.You can start by doing Sitz bath therapy. This therapy will work to reduce the lesion an d the pain to some extent.A sitz bath is a cold water bath filled with sodium bicarbonate and helps to soothe the lesion and the pain. the bath should be just enough to cover the lesion.Lie in the bath for 15 mins several times a day. If you do not get better in 3 days, please see a Doctor.Hope this helps you. All the best.