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Hi there I believe I have strep throat and I

Patient: Hi there I believe I have strep throat and I am allergic to all antibiotics, what do I do?



Symptoms: Sore throat and ear when swallowing on one side, red throat with two white spots



Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here for your help.Streptococcal throat infection needs confirmatory diagnosi s by Swab test.Usually streptococcal sore throat is associated with high grade fever with severe weakness and malaise. As far as treatment is concerned, Amoxycillin is drug of choice and people who are allergic to Amoxycillin, we use macrolide group of antibiotics like Azithromycin. In case you are also allergic to azithromycin, then drugs of cephalosporins group like cefixime is used which might show cross reactivity with Amoxycillin group of drugs.Till you see your doctor, you can take anti Allergic like levocetrizine and do warm saline gargles which are going to help you the most.In case of severe pain and fever, take paracetamol.Take lots of hot fluids to sooth your throat.I hope it helps.In case you have any further query, you may ask me.Stay healthy.

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Patient: Hi thanks for getting back, I have gotten a swab test and am awaiting results, I’ve had strep throat many times before and it feels very similar so I’m worried that it is strep, I hope not! I always experience extreme vomiting and nausea to the point of blacking out at times and then I break out in a rash and am advised not to continue, especially with Zithromax. I am also allergic to penicillin and amoxicillin and really don’t want to experience the almost intolerable side effects and allergic reactions I get, is it possible to beat strep without antibiotics?

Doctor: Hi, usually it is difficult to treat streptococcal sore throat without antibiotics. However, it all depends on your immunity. Do warm saline gargles at home.
If your results come positive, you would require to take Cephalosporin group of antibiotics, that you might not be allergic of.
Good Luck.


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