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Hi there I can’t urinate at all what do you

Patient: Hi there I can’t urinate at all what do you suggest



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query, albeit short and specific.Can not urinate, wants suggestions:Please give some additional information:- Age and gender.- Since when is the problem of inability to pass urine?- Do you feel the bladder full and painful or empty?- Any other associated problems? or information that you would like to share.Obviously, the answer depends on the feedback you will give, hence waiting.



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Patient: 30yr old male who is unable to empty my bladder at all and it’s been 4hrs since this has happened.

Doctor: It is important to know whether the urinary bladder is empty and yet have got the urge to urinate.
This is done by palpation of the lower abdomen and if the bladder is full, hot fomentation of the area can be done to facilitate the emptying; if this is not helpful, you may need catherization to empty the bladder.
Sometimes an impacted stone or acute prostate inflammation can cause the similar problem.
Stricture of urethra can cause similar problem.
Another problem is that the is not sufficient urine in the bladder but still has the sensation and this occurs due to cystitis secondary to urinary tract infection.
Hence you need the following:
Clinical evaluation, examination and ultrasonography to determine whether the bladder is full and whether it needs mechanical emptying by putting in a catheter or so.
Further evaluation is possible by an Urologist by further investigations and tests as per the probable cause to get the correct diagnosis and treatment.


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