Hi there I did my ivf on 16th feb

Patient: Hi there. .I did my ivf on 16th feb.(3 embryo transfer). after 14 days the bhcg level was 23.08miu after two days it went to 42.88. .then after one week it went upto 397.08. .home pregnancy test was showing positive result. .. after 22days there was a little bleeding for 3 days. ..I was worried. . Then checked bhcg level and it was only 74.4. .. is it not conceived or the ivf is failed. . please help me doctor

Doctor: Hello,thanks for the query,If the hCG levels have come down to 27 again after 22 days of embryo transfer and the bleeding has started then its a failed IVF procedure and you are likely to experience an abortion. Please visit your physician for further review and follow-up.Regards