Hi there I had sex on the 7th of July

Patient: Hi there I had sex on the 7th of July and on the 11th I experienced light bleeding around 1-2 drops it disappeared completely after that, I’m due for my period on the 20th of this month, could the bleeding be implantation bleeding?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Implantation bleeding occurs around 6 days after fertilization of the egg. It is quit e possible that you could have had an implantation bleeding. However, we cannot be very sure of the same. The other cause for such a bleeding could be mid cycle ovulation bleeding, hormonal imbalance, cervical polyp inflammation. Implantation bleeding is light pink with just a streak or a few drops of blood.Hope this helps.Regards

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Patient: Thankyou, so to be sure I’m going to just have to wait for my period? And if it doesn’t arrive do a pregnancy test?

Doctor: Hello,
You could do a blood test called serum beta hcg which is more reliable and specific than a urine pregnancy test. This can be done as early as the day of the missed period or even a couple of days prior to your cycles.
Hope this helps