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Hi there, I had sex only 2 times in the last 6 months.

Patient: Hi there, I had sex only 2 times in the last 6 months. Once was on 27th November 2015 and once on 31st December 2015. At my first ultrasound the sonographer measured my fetus to be 1.7mm and no heartbeat was detected. She gave me an age of 5 weeks and 3 days however when I questioned her on whether this was since my last menstrual period or since conception she told me to see my doctor. My doctor told me she did not know which it would be. With the fetus measuring 1.7mm and no heartbeat yet I would assume that it must be 5 weeks 3 days from my last menstrual period making it approx 3 weeks 3 days from conception (31/12/15). Is this correct? Is there a chance that this could actually be from 27/11/15 making me 9 weeks from conception date (11 weeks since LMP?)I’m stressing out so so much about this so please can someone clear it up for me? I feel like I am constantly having panic attacks which is not good for my baby



Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query at ATD.I have gone through your query and understans your concerns completely. The fact tha t your last sex was on 31st dec 2015, the conception as on date should be at max 4 weeks and 1 day ols but as on ultrasound finding the average gestational age was calculated to be 5 weeks and 3 days it is likely that you have conceived after your peevious intercourse on 27th nov and has a delayed conception. This is more likely howevwr the confirmation of the paternity at the earliest can be done at 13 th week with amniocentesis and aubjecting the foetal celss to paternity DNA analysis and which shall be conclusive with regards as to who has fathered this child.I hope I have answered your query in detail.Wishing you safe pregnancy.Regards



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Patient: Thank you. So if my scan date means that I am 5 weeks and 3 days from conception (approx) then this must mean I conceived around 21st december. If the last time I had sex before this was 27th November, and sperm only lasts for 5 days maximum, can you please explain how it is possible that I fertilized on 21st December (almost 24 days after the last time I had sexual intercourse?) Is it not more possible that I conceived on 31st December and the dating scan is off?

Doctor: I would suggest you to attach the ultrasound report in the follow up. And i agree that sperms last at max for 5 days and thereby making conception which occurred as per USG by 21dec unlikely. However with 5 weeks and days gestation , even 31st december seems unlikely. please mention your last 2 menstrual period dates and the date of scan done.
Also an early scan measures the gestational sac size and hence decipher the gestational age so a repeat scan at 7 weeks would be more conclusive i.e after 2 weeks from now. If you had your menses after the first intercourse in november then you cannot be pregnant with your first partner and the child is fathered by the second. So please mention your last 2 menstruation dates.


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