Hi there I seem to wet the bed a lot

Patient: Hi there I seem to wet the bed a lot I’m 30yrs old and at the moment I’m using adult nappies. I also wet during the day as well

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query, albeit short and specific.Noted the history of bed wetting as well as get wet during the d ay, using adult nappies.Since you are 30 years old, we have to find the reason.Please give some details:Your gender, please?Any history of accident/trauma locally or to the spine?Since when have you got this problem?Any investigations or treatment?Any other history you would like to share so that I can help you better.The commonest cause is incontinence.Rare causes are fistula formation due to trauma, surgery, some specific diseases.For knowing the exact cause you need the following:Clinical evaluation and actual examination.Investigations to support the clinical diagnosis and to get the final diagnosis and a plan for corrective measures.

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Patient: I’m a 30yr old male who has been wetting for 10yrs and I wet during the day 4-5 times a day and a lot. No injuries down in the area no investigations have been down

Doctor: Since the problem is going on for 10 years, it is important to consult an Urologist and get a clinical evaluation, actual examination and investigations as required to get a proper diagnosis so that you may be treated properly to get the symptomatic relief and preferably a cure.
You will need the tests of blood and urine.
Ultrasonography of the whole abdomen, particularly the Uro-genital system.
Cystourethrography, endoscopy. This can be diagnostic as well as therapeutic.
Please get the proper evaluation to get a diagnosis and a plan for management.