Hi there I’ve been having pregnancy symptoms for about 7

Patient: Hi there. I’ve been having pregnancy symptoms for about 7 weeks now and can’t get a positive result. I’ve been but on antibiotics in case of infection but I still feel nausea sous headaches and backaches and breast tenderness. I had a two day period which was moderate but I normally bleed for four to five days. Could I be pregnant or is it something else? Please help thank you

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for asking ATD about your health care. I can understand your concerns.If urine test is negative a nd you are still feeling symptoms of pregnancy than you can confirm it with the help of blood beta hcg level.These symptoms can be also associated with hormonal changes.So, I would recommend you to get blood beta hcg testing and get back to us with your reports.Hope to hear from you soon.Good luck.Regards