Hi there I’ve been having some issues concerning the opening

Patient: Hi there. I’ve been having some issues concerning the opening of my vagina turning white . I had unprotected sex a few weeks ago with someone I have been seeing, and just recently had issues. It started off as a fishy, watery discharge. I went to the clinic to get an std test and they gave me meds for chlamydia and gonorrhea just in case. The discharge cleared up, however for the past few days I’ve had itching and burning, and the skin around my vaginal opening because very irritated and red. My friend is a nursing student, and told me she thought it was a yeast infection due to the meds the clinic gave me. I treated myself for a yeast infection, and it has gotten better, but still a little itching, and as of this morning the skin of my vaginal opening has turned white, when it is normally a light brown color. There isn’t any abnormal discharge. Could this just be the skin healing from the irritation, or something I should be more concerned about? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!