Hi there, my question is about my menstrual cycle I

Patient: Hi there, my question is about my menstrual cycle. I had my first menstrual cycle at 11 and since then it has been very regular. I always get 3 days of flow, third day being it a lighter day. I have 21-22 day cycles and generally ovulate on the 9th. Since I was 11, I suffered from extremely painful flows, the first two days of my period and the day before the start of a period, I get incredibly painful cramps in my pelvic area, around my thigs and occasionally pass some clots. When I was younger I passed a lot of clots but as I got older I noticed less and less. I used Yasmin for two years when I was 15 but it didnt help with the pain or the short cycles. I also suffer from excessive hair, cold sweats and extreme diharrea during my period. At 18 my mom took me to a gynocologist to perform a small operations. They got in with two small tubes, one from my belly button and one from the middle of the pelvic area. Although I don’t know what the operation was called, they told me its purpose was to burn nerve ends to stop me from hurting…I had ultrasounds and all kinds of tests (for cycts, hormonal balances and so on) over the years and no one has an answer for me… We are now trying for a baby with my husband and I’m sure whatever is causing this pain, is what’s causing my infertility. Any ideas?